Thursday, January 18, 2007

Where's Penguinella?

This is my first post. I hope it proves an acceptable guide for my vision of what a blog with a focus on nostalgia should be. I'll lay a little groundwork first with two definitions:
Nostalgia: Bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of one's past.
From the Thesaurus: Reminiscence.
Although I personally cringe at the use of the word “bittersweet” I suppose it does fit sometimes.
This might be a good place to express what memories you have of the “good” old days. Not all the old days were good though, and we do want to see it all.
Hopefully this blog won’t be a place for us old-timers to drone on and on, a sort of cyber space Bluebird Hall. I think we can do better than that.
Please feel free to submit snippets, paragraphs, or even short stories with a nostalgic theme. Hopefully Penguinella will provide a proper venue for people with something to say.
Oh, and the “Where’s Penguinella” headline? It might be fun to have others guess where, or what exactly you are writing about. Just a thought.

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